Getting to Know the Ones You’ve Lost

December 6, 2016

When I planned my trip to Pakistan, I fully expected to have deep conversations with a lot of my relatives. And I did. I enjoyed talking to my elders and my cousins, hearing stories, and all that good stuff. However, I didn’t expect to get to know my dad better than I ever knew him, […]

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Hanging in Pakistan – Nine Years Later

November 10, 2016

I was wandering through the aisles of Springs Mart, a grocery store in Karachi, Pakistan, studying everything. A supermarket isn’t a big deal but checking one out in another country is always fascinating to me. I saw stuff that I’m used to seeing in markets here but then there were also items I had never […]

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It’s Supposed to be Just Another Day

December 20, 2010

I usually write about light and fluffy things but sometimes I just need to get stuff out so the following post is a bit personal. For some reason, it all feels anonymous when I write something up here instead of having to talk about it with someone so feel free to skip this. Seriously, a-okay. […]

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Stoic No More

September 6, 2010

I’ve got a bit of a confession to make – I never used to think much of kids. It’s not like I didn’t like them, just that I was indifferent to them. When people cooed over someone’s baby, I merely shrugged my shoulders and allowed for only a noncommittal grunt when one mentioned that the […]

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Looking at the Past Through Pictures

January 3, 2010

Three years ago today my dad passed away so I can’t help the inevitable reflection that comes with this day and this time of year in general. I was thinking about how my dad used to take a lot of pictures. We have albums full of pictures of family, friends, and some people who I […]

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Just a Thought

April 19, 2009

There’s this phrase that Muslims use: “Allah is the best of all planners.” If you’re not meant to do something or go somewhere, it’s not going to happen if God didn’t will it. I believe people of different faiths have something similar. This concept was really brought home last weekend as I had so many […]

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Striving to be a Better Person

January 3, 2009

Two years ago today my dad passed away and I realized something: There are still a few things I need to come to terms with. I still harbor some bitterness inside and I need to do my best to get rid of it. I still think of things that happened during that time, things that […]

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This Time Last Year, Or: All Stressed Out

December 24, 2008

Around this time last year, my brother got married. Ok, ok, technically, he was already married in both the civil and religious sense, but the receptions were at the end of December last year. Yeah, receptions, plural. One from the girl’s side and one from the guy’s side. The reception from our side was on […]

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Dealing with the Inevitable

August 1, 2008

The following includes views on death and religion so if you’re not interested in either subject (which is fine) step away from the entry… Yesterday, my brother in law’s (Vasim’s) father passed away. He’s had some sort of cancer for a few years now and in these past few months, he took a turn for […]

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The Nephew

July 26, 2008

I never thought myself much of a baby/little kid person until my nephew was born a bit more than two years ago. I remember being at the hospital, looking at this baby and overwhelmed by the fact that he was my nephew. He fell asleep in my arms the first time I held him. Two […]

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