The Hobbyist Photographer’s Lament

March 6, 2012

I bought my first SLR a few years ago, a Canon XSi, an entry level SLR that was meant to replace the XT/XTi series. I remember when I first got it, I wanted to start using the manual settings from Day One, realizing soon that that wasn’t going to happen. I told my photographer friend […]

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Assistant *To* the Photographer

April 17, 2011

One of my buddies Soerha is getting married. One of my other buddies, Monica, is a photographer so we all went out yesterday to take engagement pictures of the couple. I’m still trying to improve the way I take pictures, strategy and all that good stuff so my friend was awesome enough to let me […]

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A Photoshoot of Kids Or: It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Drink

February 27, 2011

Almost two years ago, when I visited my cousin after she had her first kid, I took kinda of a cool picture of her husband holding their newborn (apologies if that sounds egotistical). Before I went off to visit them yet again last week, my cousin texted asking me if I could take another picture […]

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Looking at the Past Through Pictures

January 3, 2010

Three years ago today my dad passed away so I can’t help the inevitable reflection that comes with this day and this time of year in general. I was thinking about how my dad used to take a lot of pictures. We have albums full of pictures of family, friends, and some people who I […]

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The Accidental Photographer

March 4, 2009

Lately, I’ve been trying to learn more about photography. This entails becoming one with my entry level SLR and messing around with the settings to see what works and what doesn’t. The other night, I went to a spoken word/hip hop event sponsored by a Muslim organization at a cafe in Berkeley and thought it […]

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I’m Not Trying to Be Something I’m Not… I Swear

July 8, 2008

A few months ago, I bought my first SLR because I really like taking pictures and I wanted to go beyond my point and shoot. So I got an entry level Canon SLR and while I have not spent too much time learning all the functions, I look forward to using my camera when I […]

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