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It’s Ramadan, Curious George!

May 4, 2016

Last year, when Ramadan ended and I was celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday that comes after Ramadan, with my family, I saw this picture on the internet with the Sesame Street muppets that said “Eid Mubarak!” I watched a lot of Sesame Street when I was little and the fact that these muppets were wishing […]

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Glenn Greenwald and the Surveillance State

June 22, 2014

Several years ago, David Simon, creator of the HBO show The Wire spoke at UC Berkeley in a talk titled “The Audacity of Despair”. In the lecture, Simon discussed the role of journalists and how they have been failing to ask the “Why” of a story and not playing the role that the public needs […]

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On Americanah and Observations of an American

May 2, 2014

Several weeks ago on the NPR show Fresh Air, I caught parts of Terry’s Gross’s interview with Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, talking about Adichie’s book Americanah. The author sounded pretty cool and, as she was someone I had never heard of before, I thought it was nice that I was able to find out […]

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Living Through the Narratives of Pakistan

March 31, 2014

I remember once years ago when my dad and I had a rather sizable argument. Well, it wasn’t really an argument as much as I was completely flummoxed at his reaction to something seemingly insignificant I did and I was trying to understand where he was coming from. We ended up talking through it and, […]

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Salaam, Love – A Book on American Muslim Men

February 12, 2014

Two years ago, the book Love, InshAllah came out. It was one of a kind, narratives of American Muslim women and their stories of love and intimacy. I liked the book, mostly because it really made me reflect and I couldn’t shake it for while. There aren’t too many books that do that. Now, editors […]

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The Quest for the Muslim Narrative, Now in Fiction!

November 7, 2013

Muslims need to tell their stories. I’ve heard this for quite a while now. If we don’t tell our own narrative, then we are letting those who don’t know anything about us be the ones to promote stereotype-laden gibberish about Muslims. I’m still trying to find my place in all this and my need/want to […]

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Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing

April 19, 2013

I’ve never taken any drugs, nor plan to. I feel like I should make a mention of that as I start writing about this book I just read – Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing. Written by the prolific writer and current Vice columnist Michael Muhammad Knight, Tripping with Allah follows the author on […]

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How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia – Just Follow the Rules

March 18, 2013

Back in college, I took a class called “Legacy of Asia” as part of my required “Upper General Education” classes. On the first day of class before the professor got there, students were milling around, some wondering if they should take it or get in at all. I happened to be sitting behind two girls […]

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The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

January 15, 2013

I used to watch The X-Files in the 90s. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the show in the beginning but my brother wanted to watch it and it was on after The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. so why not just leave the TV on? I soon got into the show and […]

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Review: Demanding Dignity – Young Voices From the Front Lines of the Arab Revolutions

December 29, 2012

I remember in early 2011 sitting here in California, reading through Twitter updates about all the protests going on in Egypt. When Hosni Mubarak was ousted on February 11th, I was in awe that I was a witness to a an event like that, albeit a witness from halfway across the world. I couldn’t even […]

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