About Bushra

Assalamalaikum (May Peace Be Upon You) Everyone,

I’m Bushra. Hello.

Here are a few things that you get to know about me:

1) I’m an American Muslim of Pakistani descent. I’ve lived in the Bay Area in California my entire life. I have been known to say “dude” and “awesome”. However, I don’t say “hella”.

2) I’m still working on being a better person and a better Muslim.

3) When I buy shoes, I think about whether or not I can run in them if I’m chased by cops. Please note that I have never broken the law nor plan to.

4) I’m a huge Superman fan. There was even one point of time (well, a point of time that spanned 5.5 years) that I read Superman comic books. I used to get upset when I saw someone wearing a Superman shirt because I felt like I should question them to make sure that they actually knew something about Superman. I don’t get upset anymore. I’m better now.

5) I never thought about wearing a hijab (the headscarf) growing up until pretty much the morning I started wearing it. Check out my post on when I first wore it: An Accidental Tuesday, OR: A Very Hijabi Story

6) When I watch Empire Strikes Back, I have to watch Return of the Jedi soon after that. Otherwise, Han Solo will have to spend that much more time in carbonite.

7) If I had the choice between the power of flight or the power of invisibility, I would choose flight. Trust me when I say that I would only use my powers for good.

8) Even though I’m a pretty sarcastic person, that above statement is not sarcastic.

On this site, you will find reviews on books and movies and some interviews I’ve conducted as well. There are also posts on religion, culture, and random topics. Random topics could pretty much mean anything, like when I wrote about learning how to drive a stick shift so I could be the driver during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Origins of my website name: I like coffee and I’m Muslim. Someone once said to me that they thought it was interesting that I would be so upfront about my religious affiliation in the name of my website. Here’s my take on that: since I wear hijab, there’s no way for me to get around the Muslim part. Most folks see the scarf before I can even say anything and preconceived notions – good, bad, neutral – come to them first. So, this is my way of embracing that and just moving on from there.

The two pictures of me on this site were taken by my friend Monica. Check out her website –MonicaRoy.com

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