Justice League! I Have Thoughts…

First things first. I liked Justice League.

Even though the advertising doesn’t show Superman, you should know that he is in this movie. I don’t care if that’s a spoiler because Superman is kind of great in this. Okay, “great” is hyperbole but I liked Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel and thought that filmmakers blew it with him in Batman v Superman. Therefore, anything is better than that.

Where’s Superman?

I therefore had zero expectations for this movie after the catastrophe that was Batman V Superman (once again, hyperbolic, I know). I don’t know if I even cared anymore about a Justice League movie. What I do know is that no one owes me anything. If I don’t like this movie, so what. It’s just a movie, life goes on, and I have my Justice League animated series DVDs. I can put them on and watch the JL go against the Thanagarians to save the world anytime. I don’t need a Justice League movie.

When I did sit down to watch Justice League, I didn’t even know anything about it. Steppenwolf is the villain? Okay… if you say so. If we’re going with bad guys from Apokolips, I almost wish they had Darkseid but the movie seemed so slap-dash when it came to plot that it’s probably a good thing they didn’t bother as it wouldn’t have given a villain like Darkseid the story he deserves.

I did think that this movie was way too much of an intro for it to be a proper Justice League movie. Maybe I’m unfairly comparing it to the Marvel movies, where everyone already had their solo movies before they got together in the Avengers, giving the viewers the benefit of already knowing who all the heroes are in the movie. Because instead with Justice League, not only do we have characters trying to get to know one another, but the viewer is trying to figure everyone out too. Where is Barry Allen on his journey? Is he already fighting crime? Do people even know who Cyborg is? He isn’t a household name like Batman or Superman. And, for the love of God, what iteration of Batman is this?! We don’t know his backstory and it bugs me. The only ones we actually know are Superman and Wonder Woman and therefore, their characters seemed more lived-in.

But in the end I liked it. I thought the first hour, minus the first few minutes, was boring but then it won me over and I ended up really getting into it. The people who packed the movie theater in the showing I was at were clapping at the end so I wasn’t the only one. Despite the terrible box office, I do hope this movie has legs because…

I want to see Man of Steel 2! Pretty please? I want more of this Superman! Amy Adams as Lois Lane is great! Clark called his mom “Mom” and not Martha like in Batman V Superman! Because apparently coming back from the dead brought back some of his manners!

I don’t get why Man of Steel 2 hinges on this movie doing well while Batman already has another movie lined up. Filmmakers can’t seem to do Superman, ahem, justice. I really wish they would though because it shouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility to make a great Superman movie for this day and age.

Random Thoughts:
– Based on what I saw with Ezra Miller in Justice League, I’m totally down for his solo Flash movie.
– I’m not one way or the other for an Aquaman film. His scenes underwater confused me but mostly because I don’t know too much of his backstory besides his appearances in the DCU animated series and having watched the failed CW (or was it WB back then?) pilot for Aquaman starring Justin Hartley, aka the Green Arrow from Smallville , aka Kevin Pearson on This Is Us. The comments about Aquaman speaking to fish had me think of this Cartoon Network commercial:

– This movie had way too much CGI in it. I’m over it. Would love to see a superhero film that was a character drama that doesn’t really heavily on special effects or at least CGI that doesn’t make everything look so fake. Hence, looking forward to the upcoming Batman movie written/directed by Matt Reeves in which he said he’ll focus more on the detective aspect of Batman.
– Now I really do want to watch the entire run of the Justice League animated series over again.

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    1. You won’t be missing too much by skipping the live action movies. I would definitely recommend the Batman, Superman, and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and animated series! I would say that the Batman animated series took animated storytelling to another level.

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