Ramadan in the Bay

I have written a lot about Ta’leef Collective in previous posts. The Oud Bar at Ta’leef is one of my favorite places to have a cup of joe Sunday nights, hanging out on one side of the Sequoia wood bar, drinking my coffee, saying “Salaam” to the random people who may go walk through who are curious at the beverage selection or already set on getting their Yemeni coffee fix.

During Ramadan, Ta’leef hosts iftars on Thursday nights. An “iftar” is when Muslims break their fast at sunset. I remember when Ta’leef started these a few years ago. A lot of people would come through, enough to fill the hall where we would all sit in rows on the ground, passing around the dates and water before sunset hit. Now, the iftars are much bigger as more and more people have started attending and so the iftars takes place mostly outside in the lot to accommodate everyone that comes.

It’s pretty cool to see so many people although, I’m not going to lie, the introvert in me may retreat to the Oud Bar for the majority of the time to escape the crowd. It’s all good as I really look forward to that time and have interacted with more people that way, sitting there explaining what I’m drinking to others who may be checking out the Oud Bar for the first time (I’m not completely anti-social…).

Cold Brew at Ta'leef during a Thursday night iftar
Cold Brew at Ta’leef during a Thursday night iftar

Besides putting on these iftars, Ta’leef has also been releasing short videos every single day of Ramadan that take on a specific topic that Usama Canon, the co-founder and one of the teachers at Ta’leef, talks about for a few minutes. One that has really resonated with me is the one on “Forgiveness.” Regardless of one’s faith background, I think it’s relevant so give it a listen:

Check out the rest of their videos on their YouTube site.

Every Ramadan has its own vibe and while I may still need to do my part to really take advantage of this month, I love that just being in the Bay Area, I have access to a place like Ta’leef.

Soon, Ta’leef will have all of their classes up on their site to view whenever (register to get on their OnDemand list) and from wherever you are so stay tuned for that. And donate to them if you can as they really provide a well needed resource to the community with the services and classes they offer.

This Thursday is the last iftar for this Ramadan so if you are in the Bay, check in out, Muslim or not. If you’re like me and need a caffeine fix after you break your fast, then check out the Oud Bar. That’s where I’ll be.

Take care I hope everyone is having a blessed Ramadan, InshAllah!

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  1. I also like how Ta’leef is in a chill, low key area of the Bay. No need to fight for parking, deal with traffic, etc (at least for you).

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