Drinking My Way Through Sacramento. With Coffee.

Last year, I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a Caffeine Crawl in San Francisco in which I wandered to different cafes, drank coffee, and consumed some chocolate.

This past weekend, the Caffeine Crawl took place in Sacramento, which is about 1.5-2 hours away from the Bay Area, where I live.

I know what you all are thinking – you didn’t drive all that way to attend, did you?

Yes. Yes, I did.

As my younger sister commented on Instagram when I posted a picture during the crawl: “What were you doing in Sacramento? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore :/” But wow, I had such a great time and the crawl most definitely cured my ignorance of all that Sacramento has to offer coffee-wise.

The Caffeine Crawl organizers had six different routes one could go on and by Saturday, all the routes were sold out. Here are the places I went to on my route:

Insight Coffee Roasters
Pachamama Coffee Cooperative
Chocolate Fish Roasters
Temple Coffee Roasters
Fluid Espresso Bar
Son of a Bean

Every place was pretty cool. Besides getting a bit of a coffee education at each destination, we also got to sample coffee, of course. Many of the places had cold-brewed coffee, which worked well as the day was quite warm. I have to say, the highlight of the cold brews was the one at Chocolate Fish Roasters – the coffee had been flash brewed, “nitrogenized”, and put in a keg, all of which gave it the look/feel of a Guinness, according to the good folks at Chocolate Fish:

Caffeine Crawl - Sacramento -10

My teetotaler self had to do the obligatory “Soooo there’s no alcohol in here, right?” I knew there was no alcohol in it but I couldn’t help but ask.

Other stuff that was cool:
– The mural on the outside of Insight Coffee Roasters

Caffeine Crawl - Sacramento

– The inside looked cool too!

Caffeine Crawl - Sacramento -3

– The cool coffee photography book we got at Pachamama

– Ending the crawl at Son of a Bean with an affogato.

The best part may have been seeing all the people interested in taking part in an event like this. Also, it was awesome to see Emily, one of the organizers of the Caffeine Crawl, again as I hadn’t seen her since the San Francisco crawl last year.

There have been several crawls this past year around the U.S. and if you enjoy your cuppa joe (it doesn’t even have to be a fanatic enjoyment) then I absolutely recommend taking part in a Caffeine Crawl if there’s one around you.

Next one is in Portland! They have several available routes over two days – check it out.

Caffeine Crawl - Sacramento -14

7 thoughts

  1. Awesome, loved the murals!

    LOL @ alcohol question – good to check though :) Glad to know your heart rate is back to normal.


    A. No, no I’m not.
    B. Yes, yes I am, because I’m super pagal about coffee :p
    C. No comment
    D. Why don’t you go Anees, it’s like, right down the road :D

    1. Coincidentally, I am going to Portland InshAllah for a weekend with a friend but it’s actually before the Caffeine Crawl so I won’t be able to attend. But you should totally go!!

      1. Oh that’s cool. I hope you enjoy your time here :)

        We’ll see, but for me: chai >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> coffee. (thought Haven’t had a drop of coffee in more than a decade) *Bushra’s jaw drops* ;)

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