March 2014

Living Through the Narratives of Pakistan

March 31, 2014

I remember once years ago when my dad and I had a rather sizable argument. Well, it wasn’t really an argument as much as I was completely flummoxed at his reaction to something seemingly insignificant I did and I was trying to understand where he was coming from. We ended up talking through it and, […]

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Embracing a Non-Dairy Alternative with Coffee

March 22, 2014

Living in the Bay Area is a blessing in the sense that there is a lack of intolerance. So many different types of people live here that you can’t really help but be open-minded. And yet, there is still a form of intolerance that exists. The problem is though, it sometimes can’t be helped. Like […]

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A Few Words About Syria

March 16, 2014

I usually am not very serious on my blog but I wanted to say just a bit about Syria. Three years ago, the civil war in Syria began and there has been so much death and destruction as the region has been laid to waste. Here’s a two minute video guide to the conflict from […]

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These Birds Walk

March 2, 2014

I’ve been to Pakistan a few times. Karachi, specifically. I used to go a lot more when I was younger with my family but things change and so in the past 20 years, I’ve only been twice. I’ve always seen Karachi from a certain perspective and with the documentary These Birds Walk, which I only […]

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