Aligning My Goals with Star Wars

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother had an interesting premise – Ted and Marshall, and later Barney, had been watching the Star Wars Trilogy every 3 years and would think about what their lives will be like the next time they watch the trilogy.

The episode wasn’t the best (although I really appreciated the ending) but it got me thinking about the times that I’ve watched the Star Wars trilogy. I’ve seen it a number of times* but one of the most memorable was back in 1999, before Episode 1 came out.

A few of us had tickets to see it opening night and so to better prepare for it, we watched the Star Wars trilogy beforehand – A New Hope one night, next night Empire Strikes Back, and then the day after that, the day that Episode 1 opened, we watched Return of the Jedi, followed by Spaceballs (why not?). After Spaceballs, it was up to one other friend and me to go to the theater and hold all of our places. We got there well before the time of our show, securing first place in line. It helped that we we didn’t go to school that day (I was sort of sick, I swear!).

That was the year I graduated high school so this viewing of the trilogy took place maybe a month or so before I graduated. Unlike Ted and Marshall, I didn’t actively think about what my life would be by the next time I saw the trilogy, but I had a pretty good idea of where I thought everything would lead.

In English class around that time, we had to write up our life goals or something along those lines. I wrote that my goal was to get an MBA and to make six figures. Yes, I actually wrote that. My teacher wrote the following on the paper – “What about happiness?” I figured that would just come with my degree and money, that I wouldn’t have to actively seek it and therefore didn’t have to write it down.

Eventually, my interest in getting an MBA faded as I closed in on my Bachelors, along with my need to make crazy amounts of money. Money = awesome, but I cringe when I think about what I wrote back in 12th grade as to what my goals were. There’s nothing wrong with getting an MBA but tying it in with my happiness was ridiculous. And so my life goals have completely changed in the years since those days of 1999. Now my goal is to be happy and make sure to never compromise who I am in the interest of getting ahead. I have a number of other goals but they aren’t really ones to share on here, alas :)

I did think my life would be different than how it has turned out but I can’t complain as I’m leading a pretty blessed life, Alhamdulilah. Also, I’m lucky to have some of those same friends from way back in 1999 during those Star Wars days – The friend who I stood in line with for hours is the one whose wedding I MC’d back in August in Toronto and our friend Monica was one of the people who took advantage of our front of the line status.

I think I want to start a Star Wars tradition too where I set myself some goals and see how it all turns out by the next time I watch the trilogy after a set number of years. I’ll try to be realistic though and not envision myself in a band in three years. It could happen but, well, doubtful.

*Return of the Jedi was actually the first movie I ever watched in the theater.

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  1. What I’ve always liked about HIMYM is how its always featured relatable (at least to me), quirky inside jokes and bets between friends, with the Star Wars exercise being no exception. In fact, replace Star Wars with the Summer Olympics and the situation could’ve been taken out of my life.

    Given your adult character, it’s funny how you jotted down those 2 aspirations, but hey, it just goes to show how guileless and boxed in kids’ mentalities are. I mean, who wouldn’t love to make six figures, but it’s another thing to capture it pen to paper in the form of a life goal :).

    Not to get all sentimental, but I would be honored to continue being the friend who takes advantage of your front line status in life.

    1. I’m definitely glad we got to be friends over the years! (Especially since I didn’t even really know you back then… *cough* ;)

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