The Zombie Question: To Be Bitten vs Being Torn Apart

The show The Walking Dead had its midseason finale last week. The premise is simple: people somehow turned into zombies and are roaming the earth while groups of humans here and there do their best to survive.

The DVR had recorded* all the new episodes but I only recently caught up with all of them, finishing the last episode a few days after it aired. This post isn’t about how I feel about the series though** but more about a question posed to me from someone when we were discussing the show:

Would you rather be bitten or torn apart by a zombie?

For those of you not familiar with the rules of zombie dynamics, once bitten by a zombie, you will turn into a zombie yourself. Most people believe that once that happens, one is technically dead, that one’s actual essence is lost forever and that one just becomes a soulless creature with a hunger for brains*** and other juicy parts of a human.

If you get torn apart, you are torn apart and that’s that. Adios, Au Revoir, Ma’a salama!

I thought about it for a few seconds while weighing my options until I picked… being torn apart.

Yes, getting torn apart would be painful until the very end but to be bitten and knowing what’s going to become of oneself is even worse. I would hate to be bitten, turn into a zombie myself, and then be responsible for someone else either turning into a zombie too or dying. (I was going to say that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself but, well, yeah.).

I had a really random thought though. To take one’s life is completely against Islam but what if it has to happen to prevent something horrible from occurring to others? For example, what if one had been bitten and knowing what will happen, chooses to off themselves? From a religious standpoint, I have no idea if that’s okay or not.

You guys, I’m not crazy. I understand that the likelihood of a zombie takeover is minimal but this question of whether it’s ok or not can totally be applied to a lot of other scenarios, which those who have seen many action movies know. Besides, are the chances of a zombie outbreak even slim? The CDC totally has a page on what to do when zombies attack.

In the end… this is just a weirdly random blog post. Please consider the above the ramblings of someone with too much on their mind combined with the need to update this blog :)

Actually, funny enough, this is my second post about zombies. Check out my first one, which was about learning to drive a stick shift to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

* I almost said ‘taped’ but no one actually tapes stuff anymore, y’know?
**I will no longer watch it. How could a show on zombies be so boring? No character development, annoying characters in general, etc. Not worth my time.
*** I just had an idea for a zombie book – The Hunger Brains!

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  1. I like the religious dilemma. It definitely adds layers. Kill myself or kill 1,000 of other innocent people or turn countless others into killing machines. Not sure what to do. I think it would be great to create a zombie movie where the monsters are cognizant of what is going on and having moral dilemmas. Could be quite disturbing. Kind of makes you wonder about comas.

    Great read.


  2. Thanks for the comment Tony! Yeah I don’t think we’ve ever seen a movie with zombies who have any kind of awareness. Could be interesting…

    Monica, I wrote this after our conversation, haha :) I almost wrote ‘taped’ and then thought back to what we were talking about and how ‘taped’ wasn’t accurate anymore.

  3. Seriously Soerha (Fizz), the difference between the first and second season was pretty dramatic! And glad we’re on the same wavelength re: torn apart.

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