On Norway, Muslims, and the Media

On Friday, when the explosion and shootings happened in Norway, a lot of journalists that are part of real, honest-to-God respected media outlets put the blame on Islamic extremists without anything to go on whatsoever. The Sun even had a front page article published that called the incident an “Al Qaeda massacre” and “Norways’ 9/11”.

However, when the dust settled, Norwegian authorities apprehended a suspect who is very much the opposite of what everyone thought/hoped for – Anders Behring Breivik is a blond Norwegian who holds a very anti-Islam stance among other things. In fact, Breivik’s massacre was somehow meant to symbolize his ideaology.

The story then expanded to not only be about the killer, the victims, and why Breivik did what he did but what it means that everyone jumped the gun and blamed Muslims and why, when Islam completely left the picture, did the usage of the word “terrorist” to describe the perpetrator. Also, what does it mean that the rhetoric used to fuel Breivik and his hate can be sourced back to some of the same right wingers who started the blame game in the first place? This guy wanted to start a full blown European anti-Muslim crusade. He’s insane but he didn’t get there without feeding off of the ideas of others.

I have seen a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter saying that they hope that all white, Christian Scandinavians will apologize on behalf of Breivik and wonder if all white people will now be profiled since one of their own committed this atrocity. To be clear, these are just jokes. It would be absolutely ridiculous for an entire group of people to apologize for someone within their own ranks who had somehow warped their beliefs and combined that with the ideas of extremists to carry on a deadly agenda. This is obvious… which is why it’s so completely ludicrous to always expect Muslims to do the same thing.

Hate is what led Anders Behring Breivik to the mindset that blowing up and shooting innocent people is somehow a good thing. So let’s just all agree that instead of hating on one another, playing the blame game, we, I don’t know, don’t.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Norwegians and all other victims of senseless violence out there in the world.

I could say a lot more on this there are already a lot of good articles out there:

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  1. I’m glad you wrote an article which emphasized the political beliefs of the perpetrator and ensuing media spin because the one I read which initially informed me of the topic glossed over these ramifications in favor of describing the logistics of the massacre. I find it weird that he killed Norwegians (granted “liberal ones”) in order to stave off ethnic immigration. It’s kind of similar to Muslim fundamentalists blowing up people in their own countries in the act of protesting western political agendas. Best not to question the logic of the insane I guess.

  2. It’s kind of similar to Muslim fundamentalists blowing up people in their own countries in the act of protesting western political agendas.

    I hadn’t thought about that but you make a good point. I always wondered what those particular fundamentalists hoped to prove by killing their own people (not that killing anyone is ok, of course). The only point that gets proved is how warped some people become that something that is so obviously wrong makes sense in their twisted mind.

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