Getting Back into the Whole Video Game Thing

Back in the day, I liked me some video games. When the XBOX 360 came out though, I told my brother he was on his own, that I was done with video games. The problem was not that I didn’t care about video games anymore, the issue was the fact that I got too drawn into it.

As of late, I had been missing video games. I think it had to do mostly with people talking about it around me and you know what? I wanted to play too! (peer pressure, my friends)

So a few months ago, I bought myself a PS3 and Uncharted 2. And Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And Red Dead Redemption.

I blazed through Uncharted 2 and was done with it in a couple of weeks despite a full time job and packed weekends. I’ve been taking my time with the other ones and have actually not played for a while. I think I rushed through Uncharted 2 to see if I still had it in me- was I still good at video games? Could I even pass it? (Yes and yes, haha :)

Admittedly, it took me a bit to get my video game bearings back. Uncharted 2 started off with the main character, Nathan Drake, hanging off a train that was hanging partially over a mountaintop. It took me about 5 minutes to even figure out the controllers again and to also figure out what it was I was supposed to do (was I supposed to … climb up… the…train…?). My controls were definitely a bit clunky in the first level or so but then it all came back and it was all good for there.

I’m supposed to do what exactly?

The problem with getting back into video games is that it all came back, not just how to play video games but the residual effect from playing video games. Case in point: I was walking to one of my favorite coffee shops in Oakland and there was a ladder leaned against it. I wanted to climb it because it could lead to the next part of the level where I need to be.

All in all it’s fun being back into the video game swing of things. Looking forward to wasting more hours…

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Oh hey wait, I’m not quite done with my thoughts on the whole video game thing but you can technically stop reading now and it can be a complete entry.

Still here?


I think I have become way more sensitive since I last played video games.

While playing Call of Duty, I had a hard time thinking about it as just a video game. Y’see, Uncharted 2 is an adventure game with a fantastical storyline while in Call of Duty, you’re playing a soldier of some sort or another in sort of realistic battles. When my character dies, which happens quite often, no worries because my character will start right back up from the nearest checkpoint and it’s as if nothing has happened. In real life, in real warfare, when you’re dead, you’re dead. I realize the obiviousity (I totally just made that word up) of that statement but I couldn’t help but think about how unfair it is that my video game character can come back to life as many times as needed to get the job done. The feeling that I get while playing this particular game is jarring at times because of this concept. I know, I know, weird.

That is all, now you are finished with this entry.

Woohoo! Video games!!

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  1. My video gaming severely decreased due to time constraints, but more so, I get really dizzy and motion sick when playing some of these “3D” like games, like CoD.

    I’ll stick my sports games, which I love, and don’t give me nausea. Yea, NCAA ’12 !! Good call on the PS3, I love mine. I got sick of of the 360 after it broke down on me multiple times.

  2. I used to like playing basketball video games but never got into football video games – *way* too many controls to think about! hahaha :)

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