On Disaster Preparedness

With the earthquake in Japan on Friday, a lot of us have been inundated with footage of the destruction from the quake and the resulting tsunami while also hearing about a possible meltdown from Japan’s nuclear plants. We should all give to charities and pray for Japan as much as we can.

However, that’s not all we should do.

We (or maybe just me) have a tendency to view some insane images on the television about a natural disaster in Japan, Pakistan, Haiti, New Orleans, etc, and not think beyond that event. We know it’s horrible and our heart goes out to those affected but then we are able to go on with our lives. That’s fine, I’m not saying we should stop living, but we should also be prepared ourselves.

I live in California in the Bay Area. I remember the Loma Prieta earthquake back in ’89 and as crazy as that was, people (seismologists I guess) still talk of the “Big One” that will come sooner or later. Considering that we live on the Ring of Fire, it’s best we actually prepare – praying that we will never need to touch our emergency supplies but to still have them on hand nevertheless.

The day of Japan’s earthquake, the site Lifehacker posted an article titled How to Prepare for and Survive a Disaster in which the author compiles several resources to help one prepare, including links to sites like 72 Hours that contain a wealth of information about how one should prepare and what kind of supplies one should have on hand. You should all check it out.

Also, the Red Cross sells emergency kits that are worth looking at as well.

InshAllah we’ll never have to actually use our supplies or act on any protocols we have in place for emergencies. We should all still be prepared though :)

(Apologies for the ‘After School Special’ nature of this post. *cough*)

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  1. I completely agree. It’s heart breaking to see what is happening in Japan. We prepare as much as we can because we never know when it will hit us too……

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