March 2011

‘Miral’ Writer Rula Jebreal Discusses Her Controversial New Film

March 30, 2011

Previously published on Miral, a movie about a Palestinian girl who grows up in an orphanage in Jerusalem, recently opened in New York City and Los Angeles with plans to expand in the next few weeks. Directed by Award-Winning Director Julian Schnabel, Miral has been facing a lot of criticism since its release that […]

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All I Need To Know About Cricket is What I Learned From Lagaan

March 29, 2011

Pakistan is in the semi-finals for the Cricket World Cup! This is huge folks! That’s what I’m told anyways. I’m very limited in my “Pakistani-ness” (for further details, check out my previous post “Are you down with the brown?”) Back in 1998, I remember sitting with the siblings and cousins in my uncle’s living room […]

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Lesson From The Taqwacores – Being Accepting and All That Good Stuff

March 21, 2011

I caught the movie The Taqwacores this past Friday as part of the SF Asian Film Festival at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley. The film, interestingly enough, is about a group of Muslim punks. I’m not into punk at all. I’m more of a post-rock Explosions in the Sky type of girl, and yet, […]

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On Disaster Preparedness

March 13, 2011

With the earthquake in Japan on Friday, a lot of us have been inundated with footage of the destruction from the quake and the resulting tsunami while also hearing about a possible meltdown from Japan’s nuclear plants. We should all give to charities and pray for Japan as much as we can. However, that’s not […]

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Out of the Comfort Zone and *Gasp* Talking to Strangers

March 9, 2011

I sometimes write for the online magazine Illume. My contributions consist mostly of reviews but I was asked to do an interview with the writer/director of the last movie I reviewed, Mooz-lum. Here’s the issue – I’ve never conducted an interview before. I never really wanted to mostly because I don’t know how to (it’s […]

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Fearing the Unknown

March 3, 2011

On my commute to work this morning, I did what I usually do before I start reading my book – I check out updates on Facebook and Twitter. One coworker had posted a video that the Council for Arabic Islamic Relations (CAIR) compiled of people protesting Muslims at an event last month in Orange County. […]

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