A Photoshoot of Kids Or: It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Drink

Almost two years ago, when I visited my cousin after she had her first kid, I took kinda of a cool picture of her husband holding their newborn (apologies if that sounds egotistical). Before I went off to visit them yet again last week, my cousin texted asking me if I could take another picture like I had done before, this time of her husband and the second kid.

Sure thing, I said. I was planning to bring my camera anyways and when I got to my cousin’s place, I said that we could probably do a whole photoshoot with the kids, getting them all dressed up and all that good stuff. As someone who is still growing as a picture-taker (can’t quite call myself a photographer yet), this would be great practice for me.

Here’s the thing though – that initial picture from my first visit was a complete accident. Most of my best pictures are products of happenstance. I was randomly at the right moment at the right time. Actually dressing up kids and having a camera trained on them trying to recreate a moment and capture entirely new moments? Wow.

The baby cried, the toddler went off and colored while I was snapping away, and then when the two kids were looking their best, posing away, there would be me, standing in the wrong place. Sonuva…

In the end though, I learned a lot. Funny enough, while I was able to get some nice pictures with everyone posing the way they should (*whew* and Alhamdulilah), it was still the random moments that made the best pictures. Go figure :)

By the way, I am officially in awe of the professionals who take pictures of kids on a regular basis. Y’all should pay them bucket loads of cash because they totally earn it.

Khantibs Feb 2011-26
Waiting for the baby to stop crying…

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  1. LoL! It’s truly a feat to get kids to pose for pics…getting my nephew to pose for his passport took all of half an hour, with him, at his best,pulling funny faces at the poor photographer, who I must say, took half an hour of such mischief serenely in her stride(Respect).
    Nice post.

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