Au Revoir, Borders

I got an email the other day through Borders Rewards that told me that the Fremont Borders store is closing and that there will be a sale going on. I thought it was a joke – the place where I had spent so much time was closing? Say it ain’t so!! I knew about the troubles of Borders but I figured since the Barnes and Nobles in Fremont just closed that being the only bookstore in town would mean something.

I know that Borders is a chain bookstore but its meant a lot to me ever since it opened more than 10 years ago in the Fremont Hub area. The Barnes and Nobles opened first but there was something about this particular Borders that made me feel so at home that I had no problem going there regularly (either by myself or with a friend), wandering the aisles, looking through the multitude of books, and rifling through the magazines. As someone who never drank, went clubbing, or did anything else the kids these days do, the Fremont Borders was the place for me to hang and do my thing. I’m really going to miss it.

Here are some of my random memories about the Fremont Borders:

-In my college years, I discovered that getting to this particular Borders at 9am on a Sunday and studying in the cafe with a coffee drink worked out incredibly well. I went there often enough that the girl at the cafe automatically gave me a medium mocha instead of the small mocha I ordered. Note: This was way before they converted the cafe to Seattle’s Best and messed with the seating so that there was barely anywhere to sit. 2nd Note: The two shots of espresso in the medium mocha kind of messed with me.

-I would dash in real quick on my way to many parties (birthday, baby showers, and the like) to get last minute gifts/gift cards, gift bags, etc. I have no idea what I will do now. Plan ahead maybe.

-I went to the Fremont Borders the night the 7th Harry Potter book came out. There were So many people and it was tons of fun hanging out and waiting for that book to finally get into my hands. Kimchi Ninja was a witness of how overloaded on caffeine I was on that day in order to keep myself awake for the book release.

Goodbye Fremont Borders. I shall miss you.

Picture I took of a sign at the Fremont Borders once. I guess storytime has officially been cancelled forever over here.

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