Coffee In Oz

So, I went to Australia for two weeks and I came back this past Wednesday. Before I even had a trip to Australia planned out, when it was all still wishful thinking, I found out that Australia has a thing for coffee.

If you know me or if you were able to crack the code that is my URL, you know that I sort of maybe like coffee so I got a bit more excited about Australia and actually looked into coffee places I wanted to check out if/when I finally did go.

And so, I indulged in a bit of coffee on my trip.

I admittedly only scratched the surface of Australia since I only went to Sydney and Melbourne but from these two places, it’s quite evident that coffee and cafe culture has a place in the country. Mochas and lattes, along with all other coffee drinks, are offered pretty much anywhere, even at the halal Lebanese place where my sister and I had pizza in Melbourne.

I’m not going to actually tell you all about all the cafes I went because, well, I might come off as a bit insane but wanted to share a few places where I had really good mochas:

Barefoot Coffee Traders – This place has no relation to Barefoot Coffee Roasters here in the Bay Area, by the way.

Bar Coluzzi – Mmm…


Degraves Espresso Bar
Had some pretty good french toast here in addition to the mocha.

St. Ali – Admittedly, I got an affogato from here instead of a mocha but I also picked up some of their beans and brought them home and have been drinking some awesome coffee these past couple of days.

Of course, there’s a lot more to do in Australia than go to cafes and I assure you, I did more than just drink coffee. However, if that’s all one does if they ever go to Oz, then I really can’t blame them.

Wow, I haven’t updated in ages so apologies if the above post seems a bit off :)

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