My Top 3 Books. I *Think*. Don’t Quote Me

I just finished reading High Fidelity this past weekend (and couldn’t help but picture John Cusack as the main character, Rob, for obvious reasons) and in it, Rob always comes up with Top 5 lists. For instance, his top 5 albums, songs for funerals, episodes of Cheers, etc.

I guess it was only appropriate then that someone asked me today what my Top 3 books are (fiction). I sort of panicked. I have to pick just three books? Can I pick more? How do I possibly choose three books that mean a lot to me among the sea of books I have read and liked/loved??

I thought about it and eventually I came up with two books. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out which book should take the third slot and forever block any other book from taking a place in the top three.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Franny and Zooey
This is a no brainer. Well, um, actually, not quite. Between this and Catcher in the Rye, I wasn’t quite sure which Salinger piece spoke to me the most. With Franny and Zooey though, there’s just something about how it all comes together, how the ending couldn’t be more perfect, that made me choose this over Catcher. That and Zooey Glass is one of my most favorite literary characters.

It’s a classic for a reason folks. I remember re-reading this in 2004 and being shocked at the similarities of what was going on in the book to what was going on in real life with the “War on Terror”.

Candidates for Number 3
Like I said, I can’t figure out #3 but I did come up with some possible candidates:

Cat’s Cradle
My favorite Vonnegut book. It’s so absurd it’s awesome.

Pride and Prejudice
I honestly didn’t think I would like this book but I so got into it and have read it multiple times since.

All Quiet on the Western Front and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.
I clumped the above two together because I’ve only read them once each. Yet, that fact hasn’t stopped me from thinking that both of these books are great. All Quiet on the Western Front in particular has made a lasting impact on me.

I guess I’ll go ahead and ponder this now. Until next time… (which will hopefully, InshAllah, be sooner than two months from now).

4 thoughts

  1. Bushra,
    Nice list. I love Cat’s Cradle and 1984,too, but I guess your list is really your top 3 of all time, as opposed to your top 3 books to read on a beach, top 3 books to be seen reading by snobs, or top 3 guilty pleasure books,etc. (in the spirit of High Fidelity)

  2. Hi Louis,
    Thanks! Yeah, I think the above consist of my top fiction books in general. Your mention of ‘guilty pleasure’ books got me wondering what would be on that list though. I guess the closest ones would be the Harry Potter books but, y’know, they’re pretty good and I don’t feel too bad about liking them ;)

    Oh wait, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Totally liked that book and felt slightly bad that I did. Hehe :)

  3. Funny enough after I made this list, I thought of some other books I wanted to list! Ah well, I totally knew that was going to happen…

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