San Francisco Event with Dave Eggers & the Zeitouns

On Thursday, March 11, City Arts & Lecture of San Francisco is presenting author Dave Eggers on stage with Abdulrahman & Kathy Zeitoun in conversation with Wajahat Ali.

Eggers wrote the best selling nonfiction book about the Zeitouns, who lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. While Kathy evacuated the city with the couple’s kids, Abdulrahman elected to stay in the city.

This seems like a really interesting event and you know what would be cool? If some Muslims showed up. We, as a people, have a hard time supporting people like the Zeitouns and Eggers (and a lot of other people and organizations) who actually give Islam a good name. Out of the 900 seats available, more than 600 have already been sold, so one should really get tickets soon. So let’s try to add some representation in there and get your tickets.

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