Am I Ready To Go Back to Pakistan – Year 2

Last year, I wrote my first ever Am I Ready to Back to Pakistan entry so I thought I would continue the trend with another blog post.

It has now been two years since I went on a trip to Pakistan with my family. I discussed the issues I had in the entry I referenced above and so once again, I’ll ask myself the question:

Am I ready to go back to Pakistan?

Not yet.

Please note this is different from the resounding “Nope” I gave in my last post.

While I still can’t bring myself to think about the next time I’ll go to Pakistan, I do find myself warming to the idea that I may make a trip there sooner than I thought I would (although considering that I thought ‘never’ was going to be the next time I go anything would be considered sooner).

Yes, I did have issues while there but in the end, Pakistan is part of my heritage and I don’t want to deny any of that.

I would do things different though. I don’t want to experience Pakistan stuck in my relatives’ houses. I want to get out and see the country. Better yet, I would want to make the trip about both Pakistan and India to visit the area in India where my family used to live before partition. I really want to explore my background and I figure wandering around Pakistan and visiting Uttar Pardesh in India is one of the best ways to do it.

However, before I make any kind of trip, it would be awesome if someone who actually cares about the welfare of the country came into power in Pakistan. The citizens of Pakistan deserve that at the very least.

So…. watch this space next year for another round of ‘Am I Ready to Go Back to Pakistan?’

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