Green Lantern: First Flight

I watched Green Lantern: First Flight over the weekend, a DC Animated film. These movies have always been enjoyable and this latest installment in the franchise is no exception.

Test pilot Hal Jordan assumes the Green Lantern mantle from the late Green Lantern, Abin Sur within the first couple of minutes of First Flight and then begins his journey to the Green Lantern Corp headquarters in space. However, the Guardians of the Universe (the masterminds behind the Corp) doubt his capacity to handle the ring based on the fact that he’s a human. Because, y’know, we’re the crudest species, prone to violence, and unable to live peacefully.

However, veteran Green Lantern Sinestro volunteers to take Hal under his wing to help him find out who killed Abin Sur and to prevent the warlord Kanjar Ro from obtaining the mysterious yellow element, which can withstand the power of the green element in which the Corp is based upon.

Jordan soon finds himself at odds with Sinestro’s brand of justice and eventually ends up on opposite sides of the power-mad Sinestro as the latter’s loathe of the Guardians and quest for the yellow element for himself endanger the Green Lantern Corp and in effect, the rest of the universe.

Green Lantern: First Flight manages plot and action quite well without any kind of lull in its 75 minute run time. The viewers are rewarded with a tale of corruption and redemption. And fights between superpowered beings! In space! In addition, I like how the filmmakers don’t dwell on the origin story but instead get right to the point. Also, the voices of Christoper Meloni as Hal Jordan, Victor Garber (Spy Dad from Alias!) as Sinestro, and Tricia Helfer (Six from BSG!) as fellow Green Lantern Boodikka complement their animated characters quite well without overpowering their animated persona. Although I have never purported to be a fan of Green Lantern, First Flight is definitely worthy of being added to the roster of DC animated movies.

Here’s my ranking of the DC Animated straight to DVD movies thus far (linked to my reviews on this site):

1. Batman: Gotham Knight
2. Green Lantern: First Flight
2. Wonder Woman (Uh, oops, did I not review this? Well, I liked it :) The violence in this movie was spectacular. “Was that a head?” my sister asked as something flew across the scene in the initial battle scene Wonder Woman. “Yes, yes it was.” I responded.)
4. Justice League: New Frontier
5. Superman: Doomsday (Supes, I’m really sorry you are at the bottom of my list. You are still my favorite superhero.)

Next in line: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, to be released in September. Can’t wait!

P.S. I love the idea of the Green Lantern Corp, an intergalactic police force. I want a Green Lantern ring. I promise to use it only for good.

2 thoughts

  1. Yo! Green Lantern was awesome. I really liked how it resembled Training Day, kind of.

    I am looking forward to the Public Enemies – Batman/Superman.

    BTW, if you have not seen Avatar, you should. It was a great series. Very impressive.

  2. My sister made a comment about Training Day too! I liked that aspect of it as well.

    I haven’t seen Avatar but I guess I will now have to :)

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