August 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight

August 19, 2009

I watched Green Lantern: First Flight over the weekend, a DC Animated film. These movies have always been enjoyable and this latest installment in the franchise is no exception. Test pilot Hal Jordan assumes the Green Lantern mantle from the late Green Lantern, Abin Sur within the first couple of minutes of First Flight and […]

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Book Review – Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

August 13, 2009

I remember back when Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005 in New Orleans. I heard about the lawlessness that took over New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit and I saw the images of destruction on TV, but in no way was I prepared for Dave Eggers’ new book Zeitoun. Syrian born Abdulrahman Zeitoun, or ‘Zeitoun’ as […]

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