It has come to my attention that maybe my standards for people in general and Muslims specifically are too high. In my previous post about the lady who made up the ridiculous story regarding my car accident, I said:

On Twitter, I mentioned that the worst part was that the lady is Pakistani and Muslim. I understand her behavior would have been deplorable regardless of her race or religion but for me, this fact made the whole ordeal just a bit more incredulous.

I shouldn’t be making religion part of this discussion as the fact that she is Muslim has nothing to do with anything.That is merely one aspect of her, as has been pointed out to me.

Looking back at my last post, I can see that maybe I might have to clear up on more thing – I would never judge one’s “Muslim-ness”. A person does what they do and it’s not up to me or anyone else to say how good or how bad of a Muslim one is. Because in the end, I don’t know how good of a person I am so who am I or anyone else to pass on judgment, y’know?

So… yeah :)

And for the record folks, dissenting opinions are welcome. Yeah, cousin I’m talking to you :p

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  1. I think you did what we all are inclined to do at times–you held this woman to a standard, and she failed to deliver. It’s truly difficult when her personal morality and religious expectations did not match. I’m thinking one of two things happened: 1) She went home to her husband, who threw a fit, and asked that she lie to the insurance; 2) She personally freaked out, didn’t think she could take the hike, and lied. Either way, there’s nothing honorable about it, really nothing excusing her behavior. If it makes you feel any better, J had something similar happen to him, where a woman tried to get him to pay cash out of pocket ($1000) instead of going through insurance. He went through insurance, and guess what? Damage was under $700, and they didn’t hike his rates. Hmmm….Also, just think what this woman will face in terms of GUILT. Years down the line, she’ll have racing thoughts and night sweats over the duress and pain she put you through, and she’ll be wishing that she had acted otherwise. Yup. You are the better person for not leaking her info.

  2. @ cousin – I think I would have in the beginning :) (But for the record, wouldn’t now)

    @ Beth – I think it’s #1. I didn’t put the entire story on here but she came over to our place with her husband to inspect the damage when I did think about not going through insurance for the minute I felt sorry for her. The husband was acting all weird, hence my decision to go through insurance because I figured they would try to pull something. .. which they did. I hope it was worth it on their part.

    I have to say though, sometimes it’s really hard to be the better person :)

  3. That woman took up way too much of your time. You ruined your birthday thinking about her. It’s a good thing you had that zombie book. :)

  4. You’re right, I spent waaay too much of my time on this lady. It was definitely a good thing that I had the zombie book :)

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