The Oscars!

First of all, I have to say that, while not flawless, this year’s Academy Awards broadcast was the most entertaining in years.

Most of the people/movies expected to win, won and so maybe there weren’t many actual surprises but Hugh Jackman was a great host. The host of the Oscars doesn’t have to be a comedian, just someone who engages the crowd and gets them interested in the show and I thought Jackman did a great job.

Just a couple of things.

-Yay for Slumdog Millionaire! I sincerely loved that movie and I don’t know the last time I was rooting for a movie to win like I was doing for Slumdog. It was awesome that pretty much the entire cast was there, even the little kids. I think the kid who played little Jamal was my favorite.

– Also loved how A.R. Rahman won for Best Score and Best Song. Loved the performance too.

– I was expecting either Waltz with Bashir or The Class to win Best Foreign Language Oscar and was surprised that neither of them won since those two were the favorites.

– I had a problem with the stars of High School Musical being featured in one of the performances. And why was the guy from Twilight presenting? He really did look like a vampire (not that I have actually met any vampires in real life).

Anyways, beyond a couple of gripes, good show.

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