Blog Retrospective #2

I went through my old livejournal a couple of days ago and thought I would share a post from back when I was in NYC visiting my cousin:

January 30, 2005

It started out simple enough. All I wanted to do was to take pictures from the window of my cousin’s apartment. I figured the best way to do to it was to actually open the window and then take pictures. That way, I wouldn’t have the glare of the windows coming up in the pictures as the flash reflected off the glass.

Makes sense, I thought to myself, congratulating myself on my cunningness.

So I started to open the window. Cold air rushed at me, catching me by surprise. I only had the window open a bit, not enough to take a proper picture, so I tried to brace myself to push the window up more. I couldn’t and, according to my cousin, I looked like I was constipated as I was struggling to get the window open. I put on my hat and scarf and grabbed my camera, still determined to get decent photos from the window. I aimed the camera through the small opening and took a few pictures, clearing myself of the window as soon as I could to get away from the cold air that wouldn’t stop coming at me. I finally just shut the window (easier said than done), giving up. I looked at the pictures that I took. Considering I was shivering, the pictures came out blurry.

And then I just turned off the flash of the camera and took pictures through the closed window.

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