Drinking Coffee = Embracing the Muslim Culture

I was reading through Al’ America: Travels Through America’s Arab and Islamic Roots by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Jonathan Curiel for a site I blog for and thought I would share something with you all.

Did you know that coffee originated from the Arabian peninsula in the 1400s? Yes, indeed. In fact, one sect of Muslims would use coffee in order to stay awake at night to pray. The first coffeehouse originated in Mecca around the 1500s. For a brief time, coffee was even prohibited by Muslim clerics due to the fact that some viewed it as a substance that altered consciousness, but that ban was soon overturned and coffee flourished in Muslim countries. I want to quote a line that Curiel writes on page 87 of his book:

Egypt became so crazy about the beverage that marriage contracts included a provision that a woman could divorce her husband if (among other faults) he didn’t provide her with an adequate amount of coffee.

Dear Future Husband, whoever and wherever you may be, while I would never stoop to such drastic measures at the loss of a cup of coffee, I would like you to take note. Thank you.

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