Facing the Job Market

The other night, I caught an episode of How I Met Your Mother, a documentary about life in New York City. This particular episode dealt with the issue of unemployment, one that I know well. One character faced deportation (to Canada) if she did not get a job soon. One friend, Barney, had a particularly inspiring idea to help her get a job: make a video resume. And then he showed the gang his own video resume, a video filled with explosions and a theme song. When it was pointed out that he doesn’t actually do anything in the video, Barney said:

“That’s who Corporate America wants. People who seem like bold, risk takers but never actually do anything. Actually doing things gets you fired.”

As I look for a job myself, I wonder if I should keep that in mind (I kid, I kid!).

And, if I need to make my own video resume.

Check out Barney’s.

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