Messing Around With Ubuntu

A long time ago, I thought it would be kind of cool to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I understand that one’s definition of ‘kind of cool’ may deviate from the path of installing an operating system but I figured it would be a good learning experience.

I bought the official Ubuntu book to get me started. The cover featured men and women of different races, smiling and obviously joyful with the happiness that was brought from using Ubuntu instead of Windows or Mac OS. I yearned to be that happy and yet even then I was not not able to find the time to install it.

I finally got around to it today (after about a year of talking about it) after I got a newer, more comprehensive book to help out. The plan was to install it on my old HP laptop, partitioning the main Windows drive so Ubuntu and Windows can pretty much live side by side. After I scanned the disk for errors and defragmented my hard drive, the installation should have been easy but instead, I got a ‘resize hard drive’ error both times I tried to install it. I couldn’t figure out why that was so I went on to the next best thing – installing Ubuntu within Windows with Wubi. Long story short, when I startup my laptop, I now have the option of booting up Windows or Ubuntu version 8.10.

The cool thing about installing Ubuntu is that it comes with a lot of open source applications to take care of one’s basic computer needs, such as an office suite, an email client, a movie player, a music player, an even an image editor. Of course, there are plenty more free open source applications that one can download and utilize.

I’m not saying I’m quite free of Windows and Mac OS (actually, while I rarely use Windows, I use the Mac OS on my Macbook) but that doesn’t mean Ubuntu doesn’t have a lot to offer. I look forward to messing around with it in the future. Maybe one day, I can be as happy as the people who grace the cover of the official Ubuntu book. One can dream.

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