I’ve been really late to post anything about Gaza and while I wanted to, I felt like everything I wanted to say has already been said on the internet more eloquently and better researched. Apparently, there is a cease fire now in effect that is to last about a week but I still wanted to post up a couple of links.

Tom Friedman offers a perfect definition of “terrorism” – Glenn Greenwald of writes about Tom Friedman’s article in the New York Times about what he said about Israel’s attack.

Occupation 101 – It’s a great documentary that presents the history of the issue of Palestine and Israel. Trust me, it’s great. The full documentary is available at this link to Google Video. (I have the DVD if you personally know me and want to just borrow it :) )

Also, I have some pictures on my Flickr page if y’all want to check that out.

InshAllah, may there be peace in that region.

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