This Time Last Year, Or: All Stressed Out

Around this time last year, my brother got married. Ok, ok, technically, he was already married in both the civil and religious sense, but the receptions were at the end of December last year. Yeah, receptions, plural. One from the girl’s side and one from the guy’s side.

The reception from our side was on a Sunday, two nights after the other one. I was so happy that we had a day of rest between receptions except for one thing: there was still a ton of stuff to do. I put together a slideshow  while everyone else tended to equally chaotic activities. The day of, there was the cake to pick up, the decorations and flowers to worry about, wondering if the reception hall folks would be finished setting up in time, hoping that the last minute DJ we got would work out well, worrying if people would come on time, if the the photographer would take good pictures, etc, etc, etc.

Oh yeah, and I was sick.

You know what I dislike the most at a wedding reception? When one doesn’t even feel like they are at a momentous occasion, that is just some fancy dinner. Since we were the hosts, I wanted to make sure that everyone felt welcome and that we were truly happy for them to be there. So at times when I wasn’t MCing (during dinner, dessert, etc) I went around to different tables, talking to aunties and uncles and other people to see how everyone was going. Even when I sat down to eat dinner with my friends, I rushed through that so I could go around and talk to everyone and make sure everything else was fine. All while wearing a sari, of course.

I have to say, I was pretty happy when it was all over.

The next morning, I took my time getting up, reveling in the fact that there was nothing pressing to attend to. I had slept on the floor of my little sister’s room because we had a guest over for the wedding who was sleeping in my room and so I just lay there on the floor, staring up at the ceiling for quite a while before I could muster up the energy to do anything. I finally reached for my phone and texted my cousin in my haze of exhaustion to let her know how things went:

“Reception last night went well. Remind me to elope.”

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