Am I Ready to Go Back?

Beginning now, I will introduce a new feature in this blog, a once a year entry in which I ponder about whether or not I am ready to back to Pakistan.

This time last year, my family and I were in Pakistan. I spent more than $1,500 and 2.5 weeks of my life to go there. And for what? To be largely ignored by cousins or used as pawns in family issues. I had never in my life been so homesick and I couldn’t wait to get back home and hang with friends that actually like me and will willingly hang out with me. I even missed work! Before I left Pakistan, a couple of my aunts had told me to not take too much time to come back to Pakistan, as it had been 9 years since our last trip. I just smiled noncommittally.

So… Am I Ready To Go Back To Pakistan??



Thanks for playing folks!

Watch this space next year for another round of ‘Am I Ready to Go Back to Pakistan?’

The end of a wild night in Pakistan
The end of a wild night in Pakistan

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