June 2008

Netflix Aims for the Heart

June 25, 2008

I meant to post about an issue close to my heart a while ago… Netflix will soon be abandoning separate profile queues for one account. This is absolutely ridiculous because it is such an awesome feature. You see, I only want one movie at a time. Back when I had my own account and was […]

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Geekier Than Most

June 23, 2008

So here’s the thing – I don’t really consider myself a geek. Maybe halfway there, but not really. However, compared to some people, my ‘normal’ would be considered incredibly geeky. Case in point: I was hanging out with my good friend Noureen the other day. I went for lunch with her and her husband Kamran […]

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Airport Scanners See All, Know All

June 13, 2008

Yahoo published an article today about airport scanners: Scanners that see though clothing installed in US airports They have one of these at SFO. My sister was told to go through it when she was on her way to Egypt but argued her way out of it. I saw the massive scanner as I made […]

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Tech Stuff

June 12, 2008

Over at PC World, there is a list of the top 100 “tech gems” as picked and voted on by PC World editors and readers. For no special reason whatsoever, I went down the list and picked out the sites/tech products that I either utilize or have used a bit. 1. Hulu – I have […]

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