My First Podcast!

I got my first Mac a while ago and it came with all this cool stuff, including Garageband. I always wanted to try it out so I figured I would create a podcast, which I finally did over this weekend. So here it is folks, my first podcast.

Download Bushra’s First Podcast: The Effects of Reading Post Apocalyptic Fiction

Show Notes:
1. Yes, I realize that although I’m a 26 year old girl the sound of my recorded voice sounds like that of a little boy. What can I say. . .
2. This podcast is a bit disjointed, with a lot of “you knows” in there. I don’t have too much time to edit at this point because I have to get ready for England.
3. The books discussed: Y: The Last Man, World War Z, and The Road
4. The song played at the end: Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton. I bought this song legally off his site :p
5. I didn’t really include any musical accompaniment in this podcast. Therefore, you are just really listening to me.
6. I ramble.

It runs about 14 minutes with the song at the end.


(Ok, so you really don’t have to listen to this if you don’t want to. It really is just meant to be a learning experience for me :) )

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