Adventures in Arabic

So I had my first Arabic class this week at the Pacific Arabic Institute in San Francisco. I found out about this place from a google search- I don’t know anyone who has taken a class from them. Even though it seemed like a respectable institution based off of the website, I half-expected an empty plot of land where the building was supposed to be with a note that said “Haha fooled you! And now we have your money!” [Please note: This note would have had to be read in a sing-song voice for it to have the proper impact.]

Anyways, turns out this place does exist and there actually was a class. The instructor seems cool and the fact that the Kimchi Ninja is taking the class with me makes it all the more fun.

The cool (hmm… I already used cool. Neat?) part about this particular class was that because PAR does not have any kind of political or religious affiliation, it was filled with a diverse group of people who wanted to learn Arabic for all sorts of reasons.

I’m really looking forward to future sessions. From the taste of Arabic I got from the first class, I can’t wait to learn more.

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  1. I am having fun taking this class and I am soooooo glad you are there!! :D

    Take care my Hijabi rock star, I hope you have an awesome day!

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