Three Cups of Tea

A few months ago, a friend gave me a copy of Three Cups of Tea. I always saw it at Borders and wanted to read it, but never got around to it. However, it joined the growing pile of ‘Books I have but have not yet read pile’ on my shelf.

A few weeks ago, a coworker emailed me about the book, saying that he was reading it and thought that maybe I would like it as well. So I finally got around to it last week and finished it yesterday.


The subject, Greg Mortenson has been responsible for building schools in poor regions in Pakistan, especially schools for girls. He felt the need to start the endeavor after wandering into the village of Korphe after a failed attempt to climb K2. He made a promise to one of the village elders that he would come back and build a school. Although Mortenson had to overcome a lot of hardships to eventually fulfill his promise, he didn’t stop there.

It’s crazy because here’s this guy, Greg, who owes absolutely nothing to Pakistanis and Muslims and yet has dedicated a good portion of his life to ensure that the poor regions can provide an education to its children when Pakistan’s own government cannot. Since 9/11, Mortenson has also been trying to build schools in Afghanistan in order to a)educate the children so they won’t become part of the group of uneducated extremists and b)undo a lot of the damage the American fight on terrorism did to the villages of the civilian population.

Although I don’t think the book was perfect (the sentence structure was a bit confusing at times), I have to recommend this book. I couldn’t get over how much Greg Mortenson has accomplished.

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