Absolutely Ludicrous

This was all over the news yesterday:

Sudan questions British teacher over Islam insult

She was jailed because she named a teddy bear ‘Muhammad’?! The school officials say she was insulting the Prophet (pbuh) but Muhammad is a really common name. Besides, that was the name of one of the kids in class, the one the teacher and students named the stuffed animal after!

This is ridiculous. Could these people not make Islam into a joke? Pretty please?

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks! He did a really good job of combing through all the articles to get everything straight. I hope the case gets dismissed soon.

  2. I’ve noticed that a lot of little things are getting up the hackles of some Muslims – maybe they’re high on caffeine? (no insult, just a sad attempt at humor…) Seriously, why do Muslims kill over a teddy bear while Christians endure such things as being prohibited from putting up a Nativity scene?

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