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The day I came came back from Pakistan, I was going to update this blog with my final thoughts about Pakistan and all that is going on around there. Instead I spent the day I got back and the next day sitting around in my pajamas and catching up with all of my shows on the DVR and drinking Pedialyte.

So anyways. . .

Pakistan – EMERGENCY (as the Pakistani news channels we have proclaim, complete with the total number of hours, minutes, and seconds it’s been since Musharraf called for Emergency).

In an effort to keep himself in his post, Musharraf disregarded the constitution and declared martial law – effectively putting the elections on hold. Of course, he said it was because of the extremists but everyone knows better.

Because my mom and sisters are still in Pakistan, I was a bit more concerned than I usually would have been. However/Fortunately, Karachi has barely been affected. Even the shops, which usually all close when this type of political activity happens, have remained open.

I recall a conversation that I had with one cousin while I was in Pakistan about the kind of country Pakistan is. He said that it’s not an Islamic state like most people are led to believe. I said most people probably believe that since the entire name of the country is, y’know, ‘The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.’ He looked past my smart aleckness and replied that it’s actually a military state and everyone in Pakistan knows it. I think everyone else now knows it too.

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  1. I saw the news the other day about the situation in Pakistan. It’s really scary that it hits so close to home you know? I dunno man I dunno. Its scary out there sometimes.

  2. That’s a tough one. He’s definitely not the best leader. His concept of “democracy” isn’t really one. Throwing the constitution out the window and imposing his own rule to delay the election isn’t good for the Pakistanis either.

    HOWEVER, Bhutto isn’t any good either. No one I talked to even remotely liked her. Multiple people said that they figure that she actually planned the bomb blast in Karachi that happened in October. Also, one of my dad’s friends said that she almost bankrupted the country while she was Prime Minister and the only reason she’s back is that the country now has some money again.

    Pakistan needs an unselfish leader who will put the good of the nation first, which doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s still a developing nation that sorely needs some direction.

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