You’re seriously kidding me

Ramadan started a couple of weeks ago and usually this is the time of year that Muslims pay their zakat, which is an obligation in which one gives 2.5% of their wealth to the needy. A lot of organizations around here allow you to give zakat, you just have to specify it as such to make sure it will go towards the right cause, not say, building a mosque or something. Last year, I gave it to Islamic Relief so I figured I would do that this year as well.

I used my BOFA card. I double checked all the information I typed in and hit the Donate button. The following showed up:

“Sorry, your donation was declined.”

I checked my account and it said there was something up with my card. Here’s the thing – I checked my account literally 2 minutes before I was going to donate and everything was cool.

I called up the card folks and the guy said that the transaction for Islamic Relief was flagged. I was like, hey man, it’s all good, that was me just 2 seconds ago. He cleared it and then I was able to donate.

Folks, this is a reputable charity. I realize that some Islamic charities have been shut down because of suspicion of funding undesirables but this organization is far and away legit. Funny enough, the last time I tried to give them something with the same card, the donation was declined as well but it supposedly happened because of some other stuff that was flagged with my card (non-suspicious transactions all by me). I got all that cleared up and was able to donate online. But now, I don’t know.
I’m wondering why they would flag it yet again if I used the same card for this charity not too long ago. It’s kind of weird.

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