It Was Raining Asbestos

Ramadan officially started last week and with that comes the cravings. One doesn’t have them on purpose, no. You could just be doing some work, reading a book, or just trying to keep yourself busy while you are fasting when it happens: the mere suggestion of a food item crosses your mind.

In my case, I was working on a project at work when I the following two thoughts: “Tuxedo cake would be cool right now.” And then, wait for it, give it a few more seconds, “D’OH!”

Because now, I had cake on the mind.

I started at internet search of Tuxedo Cakes. I viewed recipes and tried to find possible places where I could acquire such a cake and eat it after it was time to break the fast. I remembered that Albertsons (now Luckys) used to have it so I went to their webbpage and tried looking it up to no avail.The one by my place closed down so I plotted in my mind to stop at one a few exits of the highway before my usual exit.

After work and a 45 minute drive later, I walked into Luckys a bit apprehensive because here’s the thing – if they didn’t have it, I didn’t know where else I could find it. And that was a truly sad thought because my mind had worked up to this moment for several hours now.

But they had it.

And I ate it (a couple of hours later, when it was time to break the fast after sunset, of course).

And it was good.

It made up for the weird day I had, alternately working on my project while dealing with the noise from the floor right above me at work. They were doing some major hauling of some sort in the storage room directly above my department and letting things fall hard to the ground, causing bits of white stuff to fall from the ceiling on my cubicle and me. Of course, yesterday was the day I was wearing my black slacks.

Oh well, at least I got my cake.

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