Scenes at the Mall

Setting: Macy’s at Newpark Mall

I was wandering around the women’s clothing area by myself waiting for a friend who was in the restroom.

An older lady passed by me and I (accidentally) made eye contact for a split second. I went passed her and continued to wander around.

“Missy, missy!” I hear. I turn to see the old lady.

“This for you,” she said and she handed me a card. She had a slight accent but I don’t know much about accents. Eastern European maybe?

I looked down at her card. She was a psychic/fortuneteller/palm reader.

I looked back up at her. She looked at me expectantly and raised her eyebrows a few times in a suggestive manner and then walked away.

This wasn’t the first time someone randomly handed me a card for a service (The Scene – Junoon concert. The Card- one for a matrimonial bureau. Har.) but really, do I look like someone who needs psychic services?

Maybe wandering around the women’s section without a focus in mind symbolized wandering aimlessly through life. Maybe, maybe, she ‘sensed’ that all from me with a single glance.

I just stood there confounded for a bit and grew weary. I looked around to see if any other crazies were going to approach me. No. I was alone but I was starting to feel really weird. I felt better once I got out of Macy’s.

She reminded me of the palm reader from Before Sunrise, who I found a bit creepy. I half expected this lady to turn back to me and say “We are all stardust!” like the one in the film but she didn’t. She probably went looking for more aimless youth to give her card to.

Don’t make eye contact folks. It’s not worth it.

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  1. You have to work on your “don’t mess with me card person” look. That way your eye contact has the opposite effect. It took me years to get it down.

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