August 2007

Scenes at the Mall

August 27, 2007

Setting: Macy’s at Newpark Mall I was wandering around the women’s clothing area by myself waiting for a friend who was in the restroom. An older lady passed by me and I (accidentally) made eye contact for a split second. I went passed her and continued to wander around. “Missy, missy!” I hear. I turn […]

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August 20, 2007

(I probably should have written this last week) Last week was the 60th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence. August 14, 1947 signified the ‘Parition,’ when Pakistan split from India. Pakistan was created to be a “Muslim” country so Muslims that were on the India side migrated to Pakistan for the most part (still plenty left there) […]

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Hi, I’m @, how are you?

August 16, 2007

In one of my favorite books, Max Barry’s Syrup, one of the characters was named @. The novel was about marketing soda (that’s a very simplified way of putting it, it’s so much more than that) so for the character to have the @ was a method to directly compete with another character whose name […]

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