July 2007

The Onion Conducts Important Study

July 30, 2007

This is funny: Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die BALTIMORE—Are Iraqis capable of experiencing grief on a personal level, like Americans? A new study suggests yes.

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“Islam In America” article in Newsweek

July 26, 2007

Newsweek recently published a story about Islam In America, a Special Report in which they discuss how Muslims are well integrated in the U.S., despite a few troubling trends present within the Muslim society. Newsweek could have done a really good job with this article. Yes, it was positive for the most part, but it […]

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The Height of Sadness

July 18, 2007

I got to work this morning and, as part of anyone’s morning ritual, I logged into my work email account. This is the part where new emails download and I check them out. However, today was different I had no new email when I logged in. Surely this must be a mistake, I thought. For […]

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July 7, 2007

“An 11-year-old girl was charged with drunken driving after leading police on a chase at speeds of up to 100 mph that ended when she flipped the car in an Alabama beach town.” Story here. Should I make a crack about how this happened in Alabama? Nah, too easy.

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