The Curse of Electronics

Yesterday, I was driving out of Emeryville when I saw a sign that I thought was picture worthy. I was at a red light so I got my camera out of my bag and turned it on. What I thought was the last picture filled up the screen. “Cool pic,” I thought to myself. “When did I take that?” Of course, I was alone in my car so I don’t remember if these thoughts were just in my head or if I actually spoke them out loud.

I switched the mode of my camera to take the picture, but the image on the screen never changed. It was then I realized that the cool glow with psychedelic colors and a web-like formation in the middle wasn’t a picture. My camera was broken.

I stared at it a moment and ran my finger across the viewing screen. It was smooth. The web I was looking at was actually a crack that was inside of the outer screen. The light turned green and I had to continue on, still not quite comprehending that the camera I bought just last year was broken.

I found my extended warranty when I got home and then went to Best Buy. Unfortunately, the damage to my camera is usually equated to dropping it, so the warranty didn’t cover it.

So I raise this issue: What’s the point of electronics? I mean, I’m really into them but what’s the point of having the latest and greatest if it’ll break at an inopportune moment?

It seems like I’m always spending money on re-buying things. After the unfortunate accident I had with my Razr, I paid full price for a new phone, the Krazr. However, this new phone is now a bit wonky because I sort of dropped it in my room. On carpet. I figured this would be a good excuse to get the iPhone when it comes out in June, but now I’m rethinking it. Because, really, what’s the point?

I’m getting myself a new camera because I take pictures all the time, but I may have to rethink my stance on electronics. Maybe I shouldn’t get things right when they come out.

Or. . .

Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I don’t appreciate my stuff, with thoughts of how it is no longer is the latest and greatest. Maybe that’s why it’s just taken away.

I need to appreciate what I have when I have it and be grateful that I can afford to ‘re-buy’ my toys. Because, realistically, I can’t do this all the time.

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