My Second Max Barry Book Signing

I went to Max Barry’s book signing for the paperback version of Company at Rakestraw Books, an independent bookstore in Danville. I had never heard of this bookstore but apparently a lot of famous authors have conducted book signings/events there. I was surprised considering how many of us who read Barry’s blog were baffled as to why he was going to be in Danville and not in, say, a place closer to civilization. Rakestraw Books has an extensive list on their website of notable authors who have been there, so I allowed myself to feel just a bit ashamed.Come on, though. What was I to think? I had only been to Danville once in my life. Usually I don’t have a need to go that north on 680.

After wandering around Danville for some dinner, my friend and I decided to just go to the bookstore. We were early but since we had nothing better to do, we hung out at the store.

The owner was quite nice and told us that he was going to order pizza and asked if we had any preferences. We didn’t but it would not have mattered anyways because I misunderstood what he said. Ah well.

My friend and I were still wandering around the store when 2 other people came into the store for Max Barry’s signing as well. We talked a bit. And then. . .

Max Barry came in with his tour escort (is that what you call them?). He actually told the owner how his readers had complained about this stop the most. I allowed the shame to creep back in a bit.

Then, he turned to us and asked if we were there for the event and walked on over to talk. We all made bit of idle chatter when he proceeded to make my day:

“You look familiar,” he said to me.

“I was at your book signing last year,” I answered.

“Bushra, right?”

Say what?!

He said that I comment on his blog a few times as well so maybe the name on the blog comments added to the fact that he saw me last year resulted in him knowing my name.

More people milled in and Max Barry got to talk to most before he began his reading. He then read from the draft of his latest book, The Exceptionals. This is his first book not related to corporations at all so I was intrigued.

He took questions and signed books, talking to each individual while signing his or her book. He even did that last year when there were so many more people present. Because this was his paperback tour, the crowd was smaller, consisting of only 15-20 people.

Hands down the best book signing I’ve been to.