April 2007

Activism on Campus – Palestinian Awareness Week

April 28, 2007

On Wednesday, April 25th, the students at San Jose State did something a bit different in honor of Palestinian Awareness Week. Instead of scheduling a lecture to explain how life for a Palestinian is, they showed it. Securing a section of campus, students from the club Students for Change staged a dramatization of a checkpoint, […]

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The Issue of God – A Lecture at Berkeley

April 26, 2007

The other day, I attended a lecture at UC Berkeley titled Can We Talk About God? Devotion and Extremism in the Modern Age. The event was sponsored by Zaytuna, KPFA, and Cody’s Books. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t about to go. The event was on a Tuesday in Berkeley and while I already […]

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Ah, Bay Street

April 21, 2007

You have to give Emeryville some credit for trying to constantly improve itself. This used to be mostly an industrial place but has given away to businesses, such as Pixar, Chiron, etc. I believe Emeryville was the home of California’s first IKEA store (which I’ve never been to, funny enough, even though it’s only a […]

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It Just. . . Happened

April 19, 2007

I was disowned yesterday. I take heart that it wasn’t just me, but two of my friends as well. We didn’t mean to get disowned, it just happened. What started off as an email thread among friends about a recent Yahoo story about Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty escalated into something more, from Harry Potter, […]

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I’m Not Oppressed. I Swear!

April 18, 2007

Late last week, I was in a convenience store by work. This store is frequented by the many white collar workers of Emeryville during lunch and I was no different, buying myself a bottled frappuccino to add the tad bit of caffeine needed to help me out for the rest of the day. I was […]

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My Second Max Barry Book Signing

April 11, 2007

I went to Max Barry’s book signing for the paperback version of Company at Rakestraw Books, an independent bookstore in Danville. I had never heard of this bookstore but apparently a lot of famous authors have conducted book signings/events there. I was surprised considering how many of us who read Barry’s blog were baffled as […]

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